Award winning

subscription-free GPS car tracker


Plant & Machinery

Intelizzz is waterproof, small and robust, ideal for tough environments and damp conditions



Intelizzz is the first and only Thatcham-certified subscription-free global vehicle and asset recovery device.

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Intelizzz’s waterproof casing is rated IP68, making it ideal for protecting your motorcycle, almost 40,000 of which are stolen each year in the UK alone.

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176 Stolen / 176 Recovered

The pilot ran for 24 months , during which time the customer had 176 vehicles stolen ( a typical theft rate for hire vehicles) All of them were recovered thanks to Intelizzz

Other applications

Intelizzz isn't just for vehicles, with its small unique design, soft touch robust material and waterproof rating, intelizzz protects your valuable possessions.

More applications

Intelizzz is so versatile, geofence your valuable asset to alert you if it's moved

Awarded "Best of CES" by PC Pro Magazine

Intelizzz is a highly cost-effective, Thatcham-certified security solution that sleeps virtually undetectable until it’s needed.  

Car theft is a rising global problem, In the UK, the Office of National Statistics reported that the number of car thefts rocketed by nearly 9% in 2018, an increase of 47% since 2014. On average, just 45% of vehicles stolen in the UK are recovered. 

​Intelizzz has a 100% recovery rate.

CES Las Vegas 2020 interview

“Launching Intelizzz at CES2020 to such a tech-savvy audience was a daunting prospect, but we received an overwhelmingly positive response. Receiving this award from PC Pro is further validation of our tech, especially considering that Intelizzz is even better and more competitively priced than PC Pro thinks!”. 

Key Features

Global tracking

Intelizzz has an embedded worldwide sim that works in over 200 Countries with NO MONTLY COSTS !!

Daily location

Intelizzz has a 3 year battery life with 1 location per day with options to increase up to 4 times per day 

Tamper alert

Intelizzz has a sophisticated Built In Light Sensor , In the event of the device is found and exposed to light this will force wake the device and notify you through the mobile application 

3 Year battery

Intelizzz has a 3 Year Battery Life with 1 wake up per day 

Waterproof IP68

Intelizzz is waterproof with an IP68 Rating 

No monthly subscriptions

Intelizzz is a Subscription Free Global GPS Tracking Device that works in over 200 countries in the world 

Thatcham S7 Approved

Not only does Intelizzz have a 3 Year Battery Life and Subscription Free but is also Thatcham S7 Approved !

  • Intelizzz compact box

    Simple efficient design, premium material. Textured corded British label reveals your intelizzz !

  • Intelizzz inside the box

    Intelizzz arrives with a protective dense foam insert and easy setup information card.

  • Intelizzz's unique design

    from a British hand drawn concept, intelizzz was further beautified in the hands of Nottingham Trent University, this lead to an award winning tooling specialist to complete the aesthetically beautiful intelizzz

  • Intelizzz's beautiful soft touch material

    TPEs are a family of rubber like materials that combine the characteristics of rubber with the recyclability and processing advantages of plastics.

Technical specifications

Product Country Support:  196+ Countries & Regions 
Lifetime: Standard use 3 years