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 INTELIZZZ WINS PRESTIGIOUS TECH AWARD... and it just gets better!

Intelizzz, the first and only subscription-free global vehicle recovery device, has been awarded a prestigious ‘Best of CES’ (Consumer Electronics Show) award by PC Pro Magazine. 

 Judged by PC Pro to fall within its ‘Weird & Wonderful’ category for new products that defy easy categorisation, the award citation highlights Intelizzz’s thoroughly British pedigree and global application. The citation goes on to note Intelizzz’s ubiquity, having been designed for use in fleet management as well as by individual car owners. 

CEO of Intelizzz: “Launching Intelizzz at CES2020 to such a tech-savvy audience was a daunting prospect, but we received an overwhelmingly positive response. Receiving this award from PC Pro is further validation of our tech, especially considering that Intelizzz is even better and more competitively priced than PC Pro thinks!”. 

Retailing at just £199.99 with no pricey monthly or annual subscription and a guaranteed 3-year battery life and warranty, Intelizzz is a low-cost, effective means of eliminating the non-recovery of stolen vehicles. Conventional tracking devices transmit a constant signal, making them easy to detect and remove. This renders them useless precisely when they’re needed most. Intelizzz sleeps, silently, waking for less than two minutes in any 24-hour period to transmit its location and receive instructions. Whilst asleep, Intelizzz is undetectable. If the vehicle it’s in goes missing, the owner simply instructs Intelizzz via the app or desktop to transmit its location more frequently when it next wakes, thereby enabling recovery. If anyone attempts to remove Intelizzz, the integrated light-sensitive tamper alert automatically wakes it and does the same. 

Nick Hopkinson, Co Founder of Intelizzz: “Automotive theft is a rising global problem. In the UK, the Office of National Statistics recorded a rise in the number of car thefts of nearly 9% in 2019, an increase of 47% since 2014. That's one vehicle stolen every five minutes. On average, just 45% of vehicles stolen in the UK are recovered. In some parts, such as the West Midlands, that percentage drops to just 17%.”  

 “We were supplying vehicle telematics to fleet managers, but one customer wasn’t completely happy. Their trackers tracked where their vehicles were 24-hours a day. But as soon as one was stolen, they had no idea where it was and got almost none of them back. Thieves using inexpensive telematics detectors simply found them, ripped them out, dumped them by the side of the road and drove away.” 

 “Grappling with this customer’s problem, Intelizzz was born: a global asset recovery device that sleeps until it’s needed. The customer trialed our prototype in 1,000 of its vehicles. The pilot scheme has been running for 24 months, during which time the customer has had 75 vehicles stolen. All of them have been recovered, thanks to Intelizzz”. 

 For more information visit ;www.intelizzz.co.uk or read the article in PC Pro magazine out Thursday 13th February 2020. 

 For media and sales enquiries please contact our admin team by emailing them at admin@intelizzz.co.uk or 

telephoning them on 0333 358 0398.  


Notes to Editors:

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is an annual trade show held in Las Vegas and ran from 7th – 10th Jan 2020.  The show hosts presentations of new products and technologies from the consumer electronics industry. 

 Intelizzz is the first and only subscription-free global vehicle recovery device. 

Intelizzz utilises the latest global mobile tech enabling connectivity via 2G, 4G LTE and narrow-band IoT, but does so without the hefty subscription fees of conventional trackers: lifetime worldwide data usage is included the price. Also included is lifetime 24-7 support from our UK-based customer service centre, which has full international capability. 

 Intelizzz’s embedded global roaming sim is fully encrypted and connects to all major networks around the world. Data is housed in a GDPR compliant, award-winning UK data centre and the device’s security will be certified S7 by Thatcham Research. It has a unique waterproof case rated at IP68, developed with engineers at Nottingham Trent University and fabricated by the award-winning British toolmakers, Faulkner. This allows for wide application, particularly in the marine and logistics sectors.