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Thatcham S7 Approved
Intelizzz is highly cost effective . Not only does Intelizzz have a 3 year battery life and subscription free but is also Thatcham S7 Approved ! . Intelizzz is the first and only subscription free Thatcham Approved Tracking device on the market .
Each Intelizzz comes with a theft card giving clear instructions what to do in case of a theft . 
For those who may not have heard of Thatcham Approval , Thatcham Security Certification is a robust verification programme who work with the leading insurance companies in the uk to asses automotive security products. The certification concentrates on verifying functionality design and performance of a product.
Each product is rigorously tested to predefined criteria established by Thatcham Research and, where appropriate, it’s partnering organisations. This testing is intended to provide confidence in the products functionality, performance and an objective evaluation of its capabilities.
All of this is monitored and periodically reviewed throughout the duration of the product certification to ensure that the levels of functionality and performance are retained.