Q: Does it require a subscription? 

A: No. 

Q: Are the batteries rechargeable? 

A: No, battery life is guaranteed for 3 years depending on usage - see below.  

Q: Is the device waterproof? 

A: Yes.

Q: Won’t thieves find it? 

A: No, it sleeps for 23 hours and 58 minutes per day during which time it is undetectable by thieves, only transmitting a signal on wake-up pre-set by the owner. 

Q: Can I use it globally? 

A: Yes, our device will work in over 196 countries.

Q: What happens if I have poor mobile connectivity in my area? 

A: Our e-Sim provider has agreements with all of the major networks across the globe so our device will keep trying until it gets a signal.

Q: What if my vehicle travels through an area with a poor signal? 

A: Our device holds GPRS locations until it acquires a signal then transmits this data for you to view on your app or desktop so you are able to track your vehicle’s movements. 

Q: Can increase the amount of wake ups? 

A: Through our web interface you will be able to set up to 4 wake ups at your preferred times.  Remember that this will limit the battery life. 

Q: How do I know my battery life? 

A: You will be able to see your battery life in our web interface.  Once it gets down to 10% you will receive an alert. 

Q: Can I replace the batteries? 

A: No, in order to ensure the device remains waterproof and secure, you are unable to replace the batteries. 

Q: What if someone finds the device and takes it out? 

A: Our device is fitted with a light sensor so the moment it is pulled out the device will wake up and alert you via our desktop/app. 

Q: How do I attach it? 

A: Our device comes with a 2-sided adhesive pad designed to adhere to all types of surfaces.   

Q: Why don’t you use a magnet? 

A: Strong magnets can interfere with the device’s GPRS module and therefore affect the signal.

Q: Do you provide a retrieval service? 

A: Currently, no. You will need to contact your local authorities to help you retrieve your vehicle.  We do not advocate that you attempt this yourself. 

Q: As a business user, can I access reports? 

A: Yes, you will be provided with a web interface that will allow you to administer your devices e.g. set passwords, allocated devices to specific vehicles but also have access to a broad reporting suite. 

Q: If my vehicle has been stolen how do I track it? 

A: Via your web interface you have the options to turn on full tracking mode for 1 hour periods which you can extend until you have recovered your vehicle.   

Q: Is the device certified? 

A: Our current version of the device is fully certified for the US, Canada, EU & UK.  It is rated IP68 and is a Thatchams certified device. 

Q: How will you be selling Intelizzz? 

A: We are looking to enter into wholesaler and distributor agreements.   

Q: Will you white label Intelizzz? 

A: We are happy to consider white labelling Intelizzz on a subscription or subscription-free basis. 

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